National Grid: Transformer to be moved by road to Walpole in Norfolk
Monday, Jul 17, 2017

National Grid to transport new piece of kit  to Walpole Substation

Delivery of heavy load timed to avoid causing traffic delays on 23 July

Work will help secure safe and reliable electricity supplier for the future

National Grid will be transporting a heavy load by road to its Walpole substation on Sunday 23rd of July.

A new transformer which is used to regulate the voltage of electricity and weighs a total of 177 tonnes is being transported from Sutton Bridge Port on a specially designed trailer that is 60m long and over 5m wide.

The load will travel from Sutton Bridge Port to Walpole from the A17 along the A1101 and the A47. The transformer will then travel via Walton Highway through West Walton to its final destination at Walpole Substation.

The trailer, supported by local specialist haulage company Allelys Heavy Haulage Ltd, is setting off at 8.30am and is expected to be delivered to Walpole Substation by early afternoon. There may be some delays to motorists and pedestrians during this time and road users are asked to take care when traveling along affected roads.

National Grid is carrying out this work to replace ageing equipment at the Walpole substation to help secure safe and reliable electricity supplies for the future.

Edward Gomersall, Project Engineer at National Grid, said: “Moving a piece of equipment this size, while keeping traffic flowing on local roads is a major logistical exercise and we have been working closely with the local authorities, the police, and our specialist partners to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. We appreciate the community’s cooperation during this exercise.”

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